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Diego Sosa and Gesproin Group: Path to business success

Driving the Business Future: Strategic Planning of Gesproin Group

An innovative perspective with Diego Sosa: Strengthening business skills

In today's business world, having a well-defined strategy is crucial. Gesproin Group is aware of this and therefore organized a workshop with all its collaborators. Not only were the company's internal leaders present, but also the writer, speaker and consultant Diego Sosa, who provided a unique and valuable perspective for the development of the company.

Once the first part concluded, a group dynamic led by Diego Sosa and Rodali Santana was organized. During the afternoon and the next day, essential leadership, communication and teamwork skills were enhanced.


diego sosa gesproin group

Strategic Workshop

The presentation of the Strategic Planning took place in the cozy Beach Club of Gesproin Group, Huracán Café and The View. This was headed by Joan Trilla and Javier Donoso, CTO and CEO of Gesproin Group, respectively, and developed by Mauricio Mideros, project and business development director. Gesproin Group brought together all its collaborators to draw up a roadmap that will guide its actions over the next five years. Key areas such as vision, mission and values ​​were discussed and five-year objectives were established. The importance of having a good strategy and planning was also highlighted. And a clear objective was defined: to be a leader in profitable real estate projects in Punta Cana.

diego sosa gesproin group

Diego Sosa's perspective

One of the most notable moments was the intervention of Diego Sosa, a renowned expert in business development. Sosa shared his perspective on challenges and opportunities and highlighted the importance of having a proactive mindset. Furthermore, he encouraged collaborators to push their limits and embrace change. His innovative vision, without a doubt, motivated each and every one of those present.

Group Dynamics at Coral Golf Resort

To complement the theoretical sessions, a group dynamic was carried out by Diego Sosa and Rodalí Santana, both experts in organizational development. This activity was held in the newly opened offices of Coral Golf Resort where Gesproin Group employees were able to put into practice fundamental skills for business success. From leadership exercises to teamwork simulations, the dynamic offered an immersive and transformative experience.

diego sosa gesproin group

Gesproin Group is part of the future of Punta Cana

With a sales history of approximately 1.300 units in just five years, Gesproin Group plans to surpass this achievement in the next five years. From five initial collaborators, it has grown to more than sixty-five, along with external staff and subcontractors. These achievements are indisputable proof of Gesproin Group's solid positioning and its preparation for a future of continuous growth and lasting success.

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