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Green Garden Corp.: Transforming landscaping in the Caribbean

What is Green Garden Corp.?

Leaders in landscaping and conservation of green spaces in the Caribbean

With more than 30 years of experience and 1200 projects, Green Garden Corp. is a leader in landscaping and gardening in the Caribbean, leaving its mark with an impeccable track record and passion for captivating environments.

Green Garden has redefined luxury and beauty in landscaping, standing out for its commitment to excellence, innovation and natural beauty in each project.

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The importance of landscaping in real estate developments

In project development, the integration of quality landscaping has become an essential element to create environments that become authentic sensory experiences.

Green Garden understands this importance and collaborates closely with architects, designers and developers to design and execute landscapes that complement and enhance the surrounding architecture. For example, this is the case of collaborations with the Spanish studios Eme Concepts or Morph, with which they have collaborated on several projects ensuring a perfect integration between architecture, engineering and landscaping.

The incorporation of green areas, aquatic elements and outdoor spaces improves aesthetics and also the quality of life in real estate developments. Furthermore, well-planned landscaping promotes biodiversity, reduces carbon footprint and improves environmental quality.


Green Garden Corp. and Gesproin Group: Transforming luxury spaces


In the dynamic world of landscape design and the construction of luxury spaces, strategic collaboration between leaders in the sector is key to achieving excellence.

That is why Gesproin Group, a leading developer of real estate projects, joined Green Garden Corp., for its leadership in landscaping and gardening in the Caribbean. The collaboration of both companies is transforming the panorama of residential projects in the East of the Dominican Republic.

Some of the projects that both companies have carried out are Beach Garden 1 and 2, Pool Garden, Suites Garden, Tropical Garden, Golf Garden and Golf Garden 2, Gardenia, Marina Garden and Marina Garden 2, and Wave Garden.

In addition, they have agreed to collaborate on future projects, such as Moon Garden, within Coral Golf Resort, where the joint vision of Green Garden Corp. and Gesproin Group promises to create an enclave of luxury and unparalleled nature.

In fact, the success of this collaboration lies in the perfect integration of Green Garden's landscape design, the high-quality construction of Gesproin Group and the innovative vision of architectural studios.

This triple collaboration has resulted in renowned real estate projects in Punta Cana such as Wave Garden y Moon Garden y Coral Golf Resort; the latter, a macro project of lots for sale to develop real estate projects within a golf course. Therefore, this alliance guarantees the impeccable execution of each project and exceeds the client's expectations in quality, creativity and attention to detail. 

In conclusion, the collaboration between Green Garden and Gesproin Group represents a synergy between world-class landscaping and “quiet luxury” construction, a characteristic hallmark of the developer. With a shared vision and absolute dedication to quality, this alliance continues to open new frontiers and define industry standards of excellence.

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